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How Can I Get to Know God Better?


God desires to have a close personal relationship with you.

Psalm 42:1 should be the heart cry of every child of God; just like the psalmist we should have an intense desire for His presence. There are many things in our lives that take up our time. All of these things can compete with our desire to spend time with God. But He desires to spend time with us daily and to have an intimate relationship with His children.



Your new position in Christ, gives you the privilege of having access to God. 




You are important to the Lord.



Your past does not disqualify you from having a close relationship with God.


Developing an intimate relationship requires a commitment.


Include Bible reading in your quiet time with the Lord.


How to Study Your Bible


Pray without ceasing. 







Isn't it wonderful to know that God desires to hear from you. Continually and in all circumstances, His ears are open to your cry. Seek Him daily until your heart cries out like the Psalmist, "my soul pants for you, my God".








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