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Deaconess Ministry



DDeaconess Trudy Parker

Deaconess Sylvia Williams

Deaconess Joycelyn Brown


Deaconesses are to be faithful, prudent, experienced and devout women. Their lives, deportment and reputation shall be parallel to that of the Deacons. They are to be women of honest report full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom



The Deaconess work in cooperation with the Pastor and Deacon Ministry as servants of the church. They assist the Pastor in developing the spiritual life of the women and girls of the Church for the best possible Christian service. They provide spiritual counseling to females of the Church; building relationships and encouraging participation.They cooperate with the Pastor and the Deacon Ministry in visiting the members; in the care of the sick, needy, and distressed members; and in the preparation of the observance of the ordinances of the Church.